May 30th, 2016

How To Run a Mini Image Workshop

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How To Run a Mini Image Workshop

This guide is to explain how you can run a mini Aye Mind image workshop at your conference. To see how we did it check out this blog post.  or to run the full day gif making workshop check out this blog post. 

This workshop will show the participants fun simple ways to engage young people in creating mental wellbeing messages and images that they can share with their peers.

You will need

– Post its
– Sharpies
– Mini speech bubbles

– #AyeMind and the # of your conference sign

– Scissors
– Play doh
– Large bright paper
– Lego
– Cameras
– Camera phones



– Print and hang question prompts to put around the room

– A short Aye Mind presentation

– A social media visual explaining the workshop AyeMind_ExplanationofWorkshop_SocialMedia


Before the workshop starts set up the room by hanging the printed prompts, set up the project, and have all the equipment to make images to hand.

Encourage workshop participants to share their images on social media with #AyeMind and the conference # throughout the workshop.

Presentation – Aye Mind and the workshop

Let the participants know what the plan is for the workshop. Talk about Aye Mind aims, background, the digital toolkit, the young people’s manifesto and the young people’s gifs.
10 mins

Icebreaker ­– 100 young people names and quotes

The whole room stands around one wall with post it notes at the ready. As quickly as they can the workshop participants have to come up with as many mini personas as they can. They simply jot down a name, and a quote on the post it notes. They can base the young people quotes on young people they have spoken to, who may have lived experience of mental health. We have subjects eg. o​nline trolls, depression, eating to prompt quotes for if people are stuck. Examples from previous workshops: ‘I want to but I can’t find the motivation today’ Pete. ‘I can’t think about the exams’ Amy.

10 mins


Speech bubbles – Making messages

Participants get into small groups of 5 people. In those groups they grab a lots of mini personas, and generate messages for those young people. The messages can be questions, or feel good messages written in the mini speech bubbles. Examples from previous workshops: ‘Space is good’

20 mins

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 17.40.57
Image making – Taking the messages and making images to share online
People take the best messages they came up with and use them to make a fun image. They can grab prototyping equipment and set up an image with their speech bubble on the large brigh paper back drop. They take an image on their phone and post to social media. Encourage them to tag #AyeMind and the conference #.

20 mins

The timing of the workshop can be adjusted in accordance with how much time you have.

Any questions about running the workshop, or feedback on how the guide works for you please email: