March 9th, 2015

Initial thoughts

Young people put forward ideas for helping develop services. These are their initial ideas, written in their own words. The ideas can provide inspiration for a visual identity, mood, function or touchpoint for services.

 Advice sharing

Share ways for coping in different ways; the feeling – use ice instead, use a pen – draw it on/scribble on paper, tear paper, hit a pillow.

Share tips and tricks of how to cope with mental illness from people with experience.

Give advice on reacting well to difficult situations.


Externalising negative thoughts and moving on to positive ones

You could write your problems in bubbles then pop them away.

Write your thoughts on a paper plane and throw it off a hill.

Put all your negative thoughts and your anger into a drawing of a stick0person and then you choose how to destroy it.

Tell it to the man on the moon!


Externalising problems

Have a confession box: anonymity options allow people the secutiry of letting out their secrets.

Helpline – you could sign-up, and it would help you solve problems and work through problems.


Meet ups and events

Have mental health group trips – to share feelings and talk honestly together about your flaws.


Events in a butterfly sanctuary.

Have a mental health cruise (to Gartnaval – suggested as a joke!). The event would be called ‘We’ve all in the same boat’: to show that you’re not alone and to make friends.

Hold a mental health treasure hunt across the city.


Aesthetics and approach for new services

The film Scott Pilgrim is great to think about for style; it is all about someone’s mental health, but it is told in a really awesome and stylish way. It is funny and it looks good.

Mental health shouldn’t be dramatised in a really serious way.

Cats can be used as they naturally make people happy!

Have a contrast of styles – Spongebob Squarepants is an example, it is fun and deep.

People should be shown what you should do to help yourself, rather than what you shouldn’t.


Ways to support wellbeing and recovery:

Have a list Short/long-term do’s and don’ts. Practical and emotional things.

Have a recovery tracker.

Send people small things – like motivational cats – to brighten up someone’s day; animals – cats, cuteness, butterflies, just generally nice things to look at.

Have a jar full of good thoughts/ things that happen.

Write a letter to your future self.

Pets for everyone! Looking after something else is really good for you.



Games for guys – they could shoot their problems!

Digital pet, where looking after it teaches you how to look after your own mental health.



Have videos where celebs and fictional characters give messages of hope and positivity.

Have a campaign that lets guys know that it is a sign of strength to express your thoughts: ‘ Be a MAN and share your thoughts’.

Find positive symbols of freedom & recovery, such as the butterflies associated with The Butterfly Project.