March 9th, 2015

Specific services

Young people thought these ideas are best worked into services:

Youth Are Not Alone

A safe online community for all young people affected by mental health problems to talk and share stories and tips.


A planning app which reminds you what you want to achieve. It checks later in the day if you’ve done it, if not it makes you feel ok about it.

Button Wall

A wall of badges (clickable) with fun pictures, messages and tips and other helpful things.


Sending you own coping mechanism for others to use.


A service specifically for those supporting people affected by mental health.


Other people’s stories and feelings in postcards form.


Post/submit serious statements relating to mental health then someone makes a funny cartoon about it (in a comic form).

Anger Translator

If feeling angry/frustrated, this website can tell you if something you are wanting to say is appropriate. It helps you get the anger out while not saying something that can cause problems.

Thoughts & Crosses

Public post-it note like wall of thoughts. You write down your thoughts and cross out negative thoughts … then write a positive thought in return.

Young people selected ‘Button Wall‘ and ‘Support²‘ for further development.