Challenges for Professionals

As with anything new, all of this talk on technology and the Internet might seem daunting. But we’re glad you’ve stick around and made your way to this chapter. Here, we look at some of the most common challenges for professionals when supporting young people navigating their way online.

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1. Confidence levels

2. Organisation policies & practices

3. Technology barriers

We bet that if you’re still reading, you’re absolutely ready to address any challenges you’re facing. Technological ones including. Here are five easy and practical steps that might help:

  1. Innovating with what you already have – this might include some small changes of how you already use something or getting to know something you didn’t know before
  2. Seek out free online guides and tutorials on how to use existing technologies you have
  3. Overcoming the few of the unknown – talk to colleagues and share your thoughts, look at how other people are already using social media for youth work
  4. Try out different things, see what you feel more comfortable with; start small
  5. Learn with young people – listen and learn how they use social media.

4. Professional and Personal Lives

5. Reminder

Aye Mind does not offer direct support for mental health issues and is not continuously monitored for messages. If you need an ambulance, call 999. If you or someone around you is in distress or need immediate help, click here to find a list of services you can talk to.

6. Read more

Youth Work and Social Networking: A Final Research Report. How can Youth Work best support young people to navigate the risks and make the most of the opportunities of online social networking? Read online.


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