October 1st, 2015

A survey for youth-related workers

Can young people use online technologies to improve their mental health and wellbeing? Can youth-related workers use such technologies as part of their range of supports for young people’s mental health and wellbeing? If you have a view on this then read on.
Building on the detailed local development work of Project 99 (and its newly created public brand of Aye Mind) we have been successful in building up a wider partnership of agencies and individuals who will be valuable in considering and developing next stage work.

The development of a ‘Digital Toolkit’ for staff who work, support and come into contact with young people is integral to this next stage. We have facilitated a number of workshops with staff to find out what would support them to use digital approaches to supporting young people’s emotional and mental wellbeing. The feedback from these workshops will inform the development of the ‘toolkit’.

In addition we developed a survey to capture wider views from youth-related workers. We have adopted this term to take account of the wide range of professions and organisations that come into contact with children and young people, from teachers, social workers, youth workers, to commissioners of services etc. to ensure the toolkit is fit for purpose.

The find out more about the results of the survey please contact Trevor Lakey