December 6th, 2017

Aye Mind Manifesto

Aye Mind is a European Union-funded innovation programme. Its mission has been exploring and developing suite of digital resources with and for young people, aimed at promoting their mental health and wellbeing. This Manifesto digests our collective learning into a set of key points for action, that we offer to any group or agency interested in progressing work on youth wellbeing. It’s a draft, so tell us what you think and you are also invited to interact with the material and ideas of the Aye Mind project, via our site

  1. Make young people’s mental health and wellbeing a priority – build comprehensive, joined-up responses
  2. Consider digital technologies as part of a wider mix of resources available, rather than as a magic wand or the latest fad
  3. Actively involve young people in learning about needs and experiences, and in design, development, refinement of new approaches
  4. Focus on youth rights dimensions, digital inclusion and needs of those with additional risks and challenges
  5. Build confidence, skills and knowledge of all who support young people to understand, use and refine digital technologies for wellbeing – including peers
  6. Create organisational cultures and environments that support safe, productive use of technologies for and with young people


Further links and resources

Aye Mind site: and contact form

Young Scot’s Aye Mind platform – more resources for young people

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