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Are you interested in using digital tools but are not sure where to start?

Read these guides written by other organisations working with children and young people which outline the exact steps they followed when implementing digital tools.

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Have you used or implemented a digital tool to support children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing that you want to share the learnings from with others?

Read more about what our guides are and examples of digital approaches we are keen to hear about.

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Creating a wellbeing website

A guide on how to create a wellbeing website for children and young people, their parents/carers, and those that work with them.

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A youth work guide to using Discord

A guide to using instant messaging social media platform, Discord, when engaging with children and young people.

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Photo of an individual sat in front of a laptop on a virtual meeting.

How to run safe and ethical online focus groups

A guide that covers how to run online focus groups with young people on a sensitive topic in an ethical and safe way.

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A guide to running online chatrooms and support groups

A guide that outlines the steps to follow to set up and run online chatrooms and support groups.

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ChatGPT logo

A guide to using an AI chatbot to design and write a training session or lesson plan

Learn the steps to follow to use an AI chatbot to design and write a training session, lesson plan, or workshop.

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Image of a spider and its web with the words "Don't get stuck on the web" on a post-it note

Holding a mental health-themed image and GIF making session [60 mins]

How to hold fun and interactive image and GIF making sessions with young people about mental health and wellbeing.

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Image of a woman in a grey t-shirt and yellow dungarees holding a phone and scanning a QR code

Creating an innovative mental health signposting resource

How to create an innovative digital mental health signposting resource that is easy to access via a QR code.

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Using video counselling to support the bereaved

Sue Ryder piloted a free online service in 2018 providing counselling via video, which allowed people to access professional support from home.

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Creating a website for young people to access mental health support

YMCA had to move their Changing Futures teen mental health programme online due to COVID-19. The Changing Minds website provides a digital version of this service.

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Launching online children’s therapy to support families

Pace looked at how it could provide high-quality therapy and family support to children and young people across the country, in a way that did not expose them to increased risk of contracting

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