September 6th, 2017

MOMO (Mind of my own)

From the first version of the app in 2013 to now MOMO One has seen a lot of changes. In 2014 we had the first children services join us and an extension into Northern Ireland. From here Momo won its first awards and had further expansion from more grants received.  Fast forward three years and we see the MOMO team expand, acceleration of app development, two more CYP Now awards and two MOMO conferences.  The app is now touching over 60 service users, plus the addition of an introduction into New Zealand. We have also been developing a new app for children with learning disabilities, which makes it easier for them to express their views. The new app development, continuous app update and our move to an international market are all very exciting advancements for MOMO and our service users.

MOMO apps are transforming practice so that participation is a reality for all children and young people. Our apps help children and young people who use services have their voices heard by designing digital tools with end users in mind.

Our Products include the two apps (MOMO One MOMO Express) and Service MOMO, which helps services implement our apps into their direct work and analyse the data they generate.

MOMO One was the original MOMO app for children, young people and their workers. It made it possible for young children to capture their views with carefully phrased prompts and questions make conversations easier. These views are then recreated in a ‘MOMOdoc’ and passed on to the relevant person. Creating a conversation channel for young people and their workers

MOMO Express is an accessible app for young people with learning disabilities and younger children. MOMO believes that all children should have their voices heard and this is essential for those with a learning disability. MOMO Express solves this problem, it is a co-designed, innovative and user-friendly app that helps these young people express their views, wishes and feelings in a fun, easy to understand way. The app uses expressive pictures, minimal text, with features that can be tailored to the need of each individual child.  Its purpose is to use for any education, health or social care planning or review process.’

Please find below how these apps look:

The main website is continuously updated with current information on what is happening with MOMO and our progress which you can find at

Author: Alexandra Walker