August 8th, 2018

Positive Poster Project

Pupils from Barrhead High created an online survey for S3-S6 pupils in Barrhead & St Luke’s High schools to complete.

The pupils identified four key areas that are significant to them: Exam Stress, Mental Health, Self-Esteem and Sleep.

During the process the pupils gained valuable experience in  planning a timeline, designing a survey, analysing the results and designing a set of infographic posters that are bright, creative and visually stimulating.

The pupils hope the posters will allow teachers, parents, professionals and the wider community to see from the viewpoint of young people how some issues affect them and how we can support them better.

The project was funded by East Renfrewshire Council’s Participatory Budgeting Scheme and supported by Barrhead Parent Council.

Please see the posters below:


Contact for further information is Kerry Crichton