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Finding mental health information and support online can be difficult. Where do you start?

Aye Mind is working to identify resources to support mental wellbeing for young people. We have gathered a wide range of examples for you to explore. We do not endorse or recommend particular resources – being featured on our database does not imply proof of effectiveness. We encourage you to carefully explore resource before you use them. We have created material in our Toolkit that offers guidance on assessing the value of digital resources – see our Digital Tools Section for example. Be curious, but stay critical!

Note that Aye Mind is not responsible for the content of external websites. Seek professional advice in relation to all health decisions.

If you feel like a resource is missing, you can submit one to the resource map here.


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    We do not endorse or recommend any particular resources, websites, apps. See professional advice in relation to all health decisions. We provide information and resources which we hope are helpful to young people's mental health, however full disclaimers apply. If you have an issue with a particular resource, please let us know. If you are concerned about a young person's mental health seek emergency help.

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