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Doc Ready is a digital tool that helps young people to prepare and make the most out of mental health related GP visits. It helps young people to know what to expect during a GP consultation, plan what to say and record the outcomes of their appointments.

Doc Ready is a tool developed to meet needs expressed by young people during the Innovation Labs programme.

Doc Ready is a simple web-based app that uses prompts to help young people to create a checklist of things that they want to talk to their GP about in relation to their mental health. The app generates a checklist of experiences and feelings which can be reordered and added to and which can be printed, emailed to or saved as a .pdf file.  The young person can then take this list to their consultation.

The app does not store any data and works from any internet browser as young people indicated they did not want their data to be stored and did not want to download an app that might be seen by others. Doc Ready is mobile friendly and can easily be embedded in any third party website giving organisations that work with young people a way to help and support them to access their GP.

DocReady has been used in a variety of settings including in primary care but also in schools for planning guidance appointments and in youth work for encouraging people to think about difficult topics to enable conversations to start.

Doc Ready was evaluated by NIHR Mindtech as part of the Innovation labs process. Interested to know more? Read the report.