March 9th, 2015

Youth Guide

Young people came up with advice they would like to give other young people – using digital and social media in a manner that would support mental wellbeing.


Young people grouped the advice into 5 categories:

  1. Looking out for your friends.
  2. Combating cyberbullying.
  3. Social media addiction.
  4. Expressing emotions honestly and appropriately.
  5. Avoiding negative content.

Together with the young people, we created a digital format for the Youth Guide so it can be accessed and shared easily online by young people.  We created an attractive, humorous animated .gif for each advice category. These act as advertising for the site and Facebook page that host the young people’s advice. Animated .gifs are frequently shared by young people on social media sites and would allow for rapid peer dissemination.

Young people presented the advice as a series of attractive graphic ‘postcards’ that can be shared individually via social media, but also stored together in an album.